About us

Schärer Rechtsanwälte is a community of independent attorneys, notary publics and tax advisers. Our law firm is based in Aarau. We represent the interests of companies, private individuals and communities and can provide both advise and litigation. Thanks to our size and the composition of our team, we can process your case soon and in every discipline that you require. If required, we are pleased to access our network of external specialists and associate attorneys both in Switzerland and abroad.


Each of our clients has their individual and specific matters to solve. This is why our attorneys, tax experts and notary publics also specialise in their own fields. One of the things we do have in common is our personal drive to defend the interests of our clients. Schärer Rechtsanwälte aims to pass on the firm’s knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the past decades to young law professionals and to train them to be successful attorneys, notary publics and tax experts.


Schärer Rechtsanwälte was founded in 2003. It was formed out of the merger between ten partners from three traditional law and notary firms in Aarau originating as far back as the 1930s.

Fees and tariffs

Our fees are calculated on the basis of time outlay and depend on the complexity of the case, unless the statutory tariffs apply. Notary services (certifications and notarisations) are subject to the Decree about Notary Service Tariff of the Canton of Aargau.