Construction, planning and environmental law

Our experts in the field of construction, planning and environmental law advise and represent the public sector (cantons, communities or other public bodies), institutional investors, builders, general and sole contractors, engineers and architects as well as tradesmen and contractors in all areas of public planning and construction law as well as private construction law.

In particular, we assist you through the building permit procedures (building applications, objections, complaints), spatial planning procedures (general use planning, design and development planning including development financing matters), planning approval procedures for infrastructural facilities, expropriation and submission procedures (procurement law) and protect your rights in environmental matters (noise protection, immissions protection, contaminated sites, environmental impact assessments, conservation and protected landmark law, forest protection law, law for protection of bodies of water etc.).

We support you with the development of your project, the purchase of real estate, with matters of tenancy law and with the resolution of disputes concerning construction. We advise and represent you in connection with any construction contracts, i.e. planning and architectural contracts (including the fees due), sole and general contractor agreements, service contracts (including any construction defects and additional cost) and builder's lien.

We help you create, check and revise regulations and draw up reports about specific issues.